Билет 13 Аудирование (Скрипт 35, страница 100-101)

Билет 13 Аудирование (Скрипт 35, страница 100-101)

Why do many people travel today according to the first speaker? Today
many people travel not in order to learn, but ‘to have a good time’
and usually on their terms.

How does the second speaker describe people who never travel? The
second speaker thinks people who never leave their countries are
narrow-minded and ignorant.

What can a person gain travelling to other countries according to the
third speaker? When
you travel to other countries you can see, feel and touch other ways
of living.

Текст (№ 44 shakespeare’s portrait?, страница 50)

Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about. This
text is about the portrait of a man who can be the most famous author
of English literature – William Shakespeare. After the series of
investigation the owner of the portrait is 90 % sure it is of William

The author gives some facts about Shakespeare’s life. Find this
extract and read it aloud. (2
Shakespeare was born in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon in England in
1564. He left the town when he was about 20, leaving behind a wife
and three children. After this period he worked as an actor and
writer of plays in London. In 1594 he helped form a new theatre
company and wrote plays for the next 20 years. After this he retired
to Stratford-upon-Avon where he died in 1616. He is buried in a local

What facts prove that the painting can be a portrait of William
The Shakespeare expert and the owner of the newly-discovered painting
dated and X-rayed his painting. They now believe it was painted in
1610, when Shakespeare was 46 years old — six years before he died.
Mr Cobbe thinks he could prove the portrait was originally owned by
the Earl of Southampton, who supported Shakespeare when he was
writing his plays.

Why do some people doubt that this is a portrait of Shakespeare?
there is no proof the Janssen portrait is actually a picture of

Билет 12 Аудирование (Скрипт 34, страница 100)

What are Maggy’s favourite places in London? Her
favourite places are Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Park and St.
James’s Palace.

What are they going to do in the evening? They
are going to go to an entertainment area of Piccadilly Circus with
lots of pubs and cafes behind St. James’s Palace.

Why does Alex want to go to a café? Because
he is starving and wouldn’t mind having a bite right now.

Текст (№ 36 bullying again?, страница 42)

Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about. This
text is about bullying in high school. Some students suffer from
their classmates. We should know how to behave in such situations.

Mary was cruelly bullied. Read aloud the extract which says about it.
абзац) Audra Mari: One Sunday, I came home and there was a big
picture on the door. It was basically making fun of me because I’m
tall. Once the girls prepared a slogan to support a football team.
The slogan wishing good luck faced the team, but the back of the
slogan read «Go Home Mari». And the whole student section
saw it. One time during lunch, I was sitting with all my friends, and
a girl came up to me and threw a paper lunch bag at me. She said,
«You can eat this for lunch, it is for horses.»

How did she react to bullying? At
first, she tried to keep it in and not tell anyone except for her
friends. But then she told everything to her mum. She thinks that
it’s very important to bring it to the attention of adults.

What advice does she give to other children?
is sure that it’s very important to ignore bullying and have
confidence in yourself. We need to focus on what we want to achieve
and not let people get in our way or upset us. We should tell a
trusted adult, tell all our friends. If we keep it inside, it’s
just going to eat us.

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